Cкачать Lightshot бесплатно

Translate Lightshot Application

If you want to see Lightshot desktop application on your native language you can participate in Lightshot translation project. We use webtranslateit.com for this purpose. The translation process is very easy.

  1. First you need to request an invitation here. If your language is not in the list of avalable languages just press "Suggest" link and we will add your language to the list.
  2. After you get the email with an invitation you need to register (create a new account if you don't have one)
  3. Now, when you have a webtranslateit.com account please go to the project page select "Translations" tab and start translating.

You can track translation progress here. Everyone is welcome! Let's do this!

Links: Request invite, Project locales.

Translate Lightshot Website

We would be so happy if you can help us and translate the website! Website translation process is a bit different from translating application but it still easy as pie. To translate Lightshot website you need to download original English translation. There are several files to translate one for each of Website page and a speaial one with common strings across all the pages. You can open translation files in your text editor. Standard Windows Notepad will do just fine for that. You just need to replace default English text with your translation.

Let say we want to translate Lightshot into Spanish. Lets take a look on strings\prntscr\en\index.php.strings.txt. This file holds strings for our main index page on http://prntscr.com/. The file contents is goes like

# New screenshots on Twitter

[[twitter_header_title]]=[[New screenshots on Twitter]]

And that should become

# New screenshots on Twitter

[[twitter_header_title]]=[[Nuevas capturas de pantalla en Twitter]]

Translation folders are very similar to our webiste structure, but it also has a special file named common.strings.txt which holds translation for similar string shared between different pages.

# Accept the license and download for Windows

# used in: gallery.html index.php showshot.php

[[header_accept_download]]=[[Accept the license and download for Windows]]

Going live

Please submit your translation to our support e-mail. We will create a test version just for you, so you can test the translation and fine tune. Once everything is looking good enough for you we will push the update live!