Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the practices of Skillbrains and its affiliates ("Lightshot," "prntscr.com," "prnt.sc," "we" or "us"), regarding the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and other processing of information about you collected as part of your use of the our services. Before using the this website, please carefully review this Privacy Policy. By using or accessing the this website, you agree that we may collect and use your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Skillbrains (through itself or third parties) collects and accumulates anonymous data that helps us understand and analyze the experience of people visiting our web sites and, along with other information you provide, customize your future visits and improve our web sites. Data that we may collect includes: device characteristics (including device ID for mobile devices), operating system, browser type, IP address, username from stored cookies if present, dates and times of each login, page and image viewing statistics, and incoming and outgoing links. None of this information is "personal data" – that is, data we could use to identify a specific person. Some of this information could, however, become personal data because we provide automatically collected anonymous data to third party advertisers, and those third parties might be able to combine our anonymous data with other data they have to enable them to identify people.

In addition to the automatically collected anonymous data described above, we may place information on your device and then retrieve it later: we may use cookies, web beacons, or other anonymous tracking information to improve our server's interaction with your device. We also partner with third party advertisers who may (themselves or through their partners) place and/or recognize cookies on your device that collect data about which pages and ads are viewed while our app or site is being used. Advertiser cookies enable customized ads that are selected for display on your device based on the anonymous information collected. If you block or disable cookies and other tracking technologies, instead of getting customized ads you will see non-customized (generic) ads.

We collect whatever personal data about you that you choose to give us, such as full name or a contact email address and profile information. We do not require you to use an account to upload images. We do not share, sell, or even show to anyone your name, email or profile information.

We reserve the right to release any user information if user has violated the Skillbrains Terms of Service, if the user has committed unlawful acts, if the information is subpoenaed, or if Skillbrains deems it necessary or appropriate.

We do not "collect" anything that you post: images, comments, messages, etc., and do not "process" or determine any purposes for processing of any information that you post. In particular, every image uploaded (even if it was uploaded to your gallery) to this website is public – whether uploaded directly without going through a user account, or uploaded via a user account – and has its own URL. Every image can always be accessed and viewed by anyone who types in that exact URL. No image uploaded to this website is ever completely hidden from public view. This is to ensure that this website will not be used as a platform for illegality. Functionality of our website is not intended to be a secure platform; it's for sharing images. Your gallery is not intended for secure image storage, it is only intended for aggregating images that you post if you do it through a user account.

To request your data deletion, please contact us at support@skillbrains.com

We may revise this privacy policy from time to time by posting the changes here.